Fashion Forever For Girls: Black and White

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Black and white ensemble

When in doubt I say wear Black and White. Black and White are two colours which always work perfectly. They make you look slim, tall, elegant and also fair. Yeah! Both the colours make us look fair. What’s the best part about wearing these colours? These are the colours which can make an ensemble a party or a formal one.

You can also have a perfect Black and White formal/office wear and also a White and Black perfect sizzling Party Outfit. These two colours enhance the body shape, curves and also add a shine to your face. I often wear a Black and White blazer with my formal wear and also with my dresses too. It is the best way to dress up quick actually. This is the reason why I call Black and White, Fashion Forever Colours. Though experimenting on Colours will be the best thing to do always but when in doubt and Running late try this combination because it works always.

Black and white for me is a fashion forever trend and I abide by wearing this classic trend whenever in doubt.

I tried to create an ensemble below with Black and White.

One Shoulder Evening Gown: White

Boyfriend Blazer: Black

Bag: Black

Heels: Black

Crystal Bracelets: White and Black

I have tried to make an ensemble that works for a party but you replace the dress with a trouser and shirt and you are ready for a meeting too. I love Quick dressing and so this one was quicker too. Spend time on your hair because that will make heads turn. Let me know what’s your favorite Black and White combo, may be I can feature a few here.

Do you have a fashion forever trend that you also like? Do you also wear black and white often. Let us know via comments.

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