Faces Make Up Remover Wipes Review

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Most of the girls love spending hours for doing their make up right and in proper way. With layers of makeup applied like Primer- foundation-Eyeliner- lipstick and so on to make you look beautiful. It becomes equally essential to remove all those layers of make up from your face before going to bed to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

But removing that lots of make up done is also no less pain. Recently, I came across these Make Up Remover Wipes from Faces and thought of giving them a try.

Here is my take on how these Faces Make Up Remover Wipes work:

From last few days, I have been using these make up remover wipes and I found them perfect in doing their job. I managed the makeup removal with ease. And yes, I do wash my face after removing make up with these wipes. This also gives me a benefit of double cleansing. Don’t consider make up wipes as substitute for washing your face and before going to bed I do apply face oil in the night.

These make up removal wipes to good carry while travelling. These are pocket friendly 30 wipes are available at the price of Rs 299/-

Pros of using Faces Make Up Remover Wipes

Faces Make up Remover Wipes are alcohol free.

It contains Aloe vera and Chamomile extract.

Faces Make up Remover Wipes even remove the waterproof make up.

Hydrates the skin and removes all dirt, make up and impurities on facial skin.

30 useable wipes for all skin types.

These wipes are absolutely great when you are completely exhausted and good to carry in your bag as one of the essential  item as your make up.

This is a quick on the go cleansing and make up removing solution especially when you are travelling.

Comes with a easy flip flop packing for easy usuage.

Faces Make Up Remover Wipes are paraben free.

The skin after using these wipes doesn’t feel irritated or dry

With balanced PH Formulation.

The quality of the wipe is good.


Price: Rs 299/-


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