Event By Femina and Reva Aesthetics-“Ageing In Millennium”

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On 12th September, we were invited to a very informative event on beauty and ageing by Femina in association with Reva Aesthetics at The Reva Aesthetics Clinic in South Extension .

In the event Reva Panel of experts shared cutting edge technology on how to remain youthful through their face, skin and body services: painless laser hair reduction, Coolsculpting fat ‘O’ freeze, Dermapen for skin rejuvenation, acne and acne scars, permanent make-up and European Weight Management.

Dr. Subhangi S. Perkar, A Reva team member and Dr Aarushi Passi (1)

The event started with introduction to Reva aesthetics , its history, the services that they specialize in and the up coming technologies. Dr. Subhangi S. Perkar, MD, Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy shared with us  information on various treatments, Fusion Facials, Botox etc.

Dr. Aarushi Passi

This was followed by a session with Dr. Aarushi Passi,Medicine, MBBS ,who talked about the various skin,face and body related issues. The session was very informative and guided us on tips of how to take care of your skin on daily basis. She also guided us with small tips like we should keep sunscreens in our bathrooms and if people with dry skin are facing too much dryness on their skin then instead of applying more of sticky creams they can also take a orally  seacod oil or flax seed oil.

Reva also provides solution for the unwanted fat in the body.They have a treatement called Fat Freezing. Fat Freezing, a term you all may not be familiar with is a treatment with which one can easily get rid of the stubborn fat of their body which despite of exercise and healthy lifestyle is not possible. It is USFDA approved and clinically safe.

From Fusion facials to reshaping to eyebrow tinting, Reva Aesthetics provide you with possible solution to all your beauty and ageing related issues.

Femina High Tea in association with reva Aesthetics


The event was then followed by a very interesting question and answer session with panel experts.The event was a brain storming for beauty bloggers who keep themselves updated with latest technologies and innovations in field of beauty.


About Reva Aesthetics

REVA believes that aesthetics has to be a lifestyle choice the same way people make choices when deciding on what to eat, what to wear and where to holiday. We want to raise awareness that it is perfectly normal for everyone to enhance how they look, as looking young is synonymous with having greater confidence to face the world. This lifestyle is not limited by age. It has to be adopted from the pubescent years to the golden years. It is a lifestyle of looking good, to feel good.

From bringing in the best surgeons, to being the best facility in the capital, REVA will take a bolder step by being the aesthetics facility in the country with the first medi-spa resort. It will not only house an aesthetic centre but also a surgery centre with the world’s top surgeons and fully certified aestheticians. REVA’s motto is ‘The best by the best to be the best’. International aesthetic trends supported by advanced and superior technology, complemented by certified and qualified physicians who continually keep abreast with worldwide advancement is our mainstay. At REVA, we want our clients to feel safe, relish the experience, leave with a smile and look forward to their next visit.

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