Eco Friendly Fashion In India

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What is Eco Friendly Fashion ?

Eco-Friendly fashion concerns all about making quality clothes or accessories in such a way that it is not hazardous for environment as well as on the health of consumers.Eco friendly Fashion also takes into account the working conditions and the working environment of the people engaged in making fashion clothing. Eco friendly fashion in India is not a very old concept and not many people are aware about it.


Eco Friendly Clothing


1.Clothes are made by using organic raw material for eg: If the fabric used is cotton that it should be grown without the use of pesticides or if it is silk then it should be derived from the silk worms that are fed and lived under organic trees.
2.The quality of the clothing should be durable and they should not be high priced.


3.The clothes should not be treated by harmful chemicals and bleach.


4.Use of recycled and reused clothing should be encouraged.


5. Eco friendly clothing is skin friendly.














Eco Friendly Accessories


The concept of Eco-friendly Fashion is not just confined to clothing or part of it. Eco friendly accessories are also now a days equally in fashion. Eco Friendly accessories like jute bags, shoes and even neck pieces or bracelets look ethnic. This eco-friendly wear will set all together a different fashion statement and hit new mile stones in fashion industry.




Designers on Eco-Friendly Fashion
Many famous designers have started working on the concept and are encouraging the use of recycled and eco-friendly clothing and accessories. Though, it will take some time to make this concept popular and to spread it on a large scale. Of course those designers who are working on this and started using organic material are making good profits. Designers like Anita Dogre, Joyjeet, Samant chauhan etc. are few popular names who have started making this concept popular among Fashionistas.



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