Dressshop.in: New Fashion Destination To Stop By

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So, I have two good news to share this time. Firstly, I am getting to full time blogging and styling. I recently did my first ever styling project and loved it. I am not a stylist or fashion student but I do know a bit of it. Do not judge it by my pictures. They naturally come like that. In fact I like it the way they are.

Secondly, today, we will be shooting a part of the Summer Spunk this Sunday. It’s going to be big, grand and even more grand.

I still did not have the time to actually write up something because I was in the process of ending up all past work to get in to blogging completely but some personal stuff. Why I am writing this one is because I am terribly late in introducing a new fashion portal, Dressshop. An e commerce website that I recently came across. Dressshop.in is the portal that I am talking about.
akshita jain

Let me first tell you a few things about Dressshop.in

*They are instant when it comes to delivery

*They customer service is great

*The website is easy to navigate

*They have a lot of options to choose from

*The Best of all- They have affordable stuff

We all know, new e com portals come up everyday and in big numbers and mostly having the same stuff. But Dresshop has stuff that the others do not.

I was actually given the option to chose something from their collection which I can share with you guys in the post and I chose the Red sandra dress. I am going to use it more like an overcoat than a dress. I really liked but but I don’t know why I am looking fat in it. Anyway, I am not a model and probably that’s how normal people look with no editing.
akshita jain

I am sharing a few pictures. Head over to the website and shop yours Dressshop.in

Also to mention. They give cute names to the apparels. Have a look 🙂


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