Dove Damage Therapy Conditioner Nourishing Oil Care Review

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Highlights of Dove Damage Therapy Conditioner:

  • Revolutionary Vita Oils
  • Power of Double Nourishment
  • Advanced Care & Repair for Beautiful Hair


Method of use:

After shampooing, massage the conditioner nicely through your hair. Rinse the conditioner thoroughly after 1 to 3 minutes. For desired results use the shampoo and conditioning regime daily. I use the Dove shampoo and conditioner together.

Experience: My experience with the Dove damage therapy Conditioner Nourishing Oil Care was great. One reason why I like Dove products is that because they are very soft and mild in terms of touch, feel and fragrance. All Dove products have a very mild and sweet fragrance that makes it easy for a sensitive person like me to use it. The Dove conditioner is a very slightly greasy. I would say for best results do not use too much if it. Two pumps of the Dove conditioner are great enough to get desired results and shine to the hair. This conditioner works pretty well in small amount and is great to manage all sorts of hair. Yes, I am saying all sorts of hair(my sister has used the same conditioner with a different hair combination and it worked well for her too) .
The conditioner fulfils its properties very well, makes hair silky and shiny.  It helps control dryness and dullness and that is the X-factor of the product according to me.


Pros of the Dove Damage Therapy Conditioner:

1. Sweet and mild fragrance (something that Dove is known for)

2. Good conditioning properties.

3. Makes hair soft.

4. Good and easy with frizzy hair.

5. Price is very reasonable as compared to the high quality.

6. The conditioner does not need a lot of rinsing. It gets washed off easily.


Cons of the Dove Damage Therapy Conditioner

  1. It contains Carbomer, SLS and Silicon.


Repurchase: For sure, I use this one only

Price: Rs 160 for 180 grams

Rating: 4/5 

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