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Tanned and dull skin have often scared hell out of me as looking an inch less beautiful has been a horrific thought in itself. And like any girl I have always wanted to look flawless with in my radiant, shiny and glowy skin. So this time around I thought of trying out some home made and easy to make and apply face packs to make my skin all the more charming. And believe you me this has left my skin rejuvenated and breathing all the more happy. 🙂

So here is a list of few face packs I have tried and yes, girls these are tried and tested ones! 🙂

# Almond , milk and honey facepack– This has been one of the most common and easiest of all. This has been the one passed down to us generations after generations. This has been a good source of removal of dead and dull skin while exfoliating. It is one for dry skin as it gives an instant and radiant glow to the skin.
# Besan, turmeric and malai(cream over the milk) facepack: Remember those sunday mornings when our mothers usually applied this simple yet effective pack to remove all the  tanned skin? Yes, as a child I have seen this often and now use it too sometimes as this provides an instant glow with a balanced amount of moisture to the skin coming from ‘malai.’ It is one of the natural moisturizer for excessively dry and flaky skin. While it acts as a soothing skin toner helping in improving skin tone and add an instant healthy glow to the skin. It helps in reducing dark circles and patches.
# Potato and lemon pack: It is one of the face pack which lightens and detans the skin. The acidic nature of lemon cut across the dark patches on the skin while reducing spots. Potato with it’s skin whitening effect helps blemish the skin giving a fairer skin tone and reducing dark spots and circles.
#Papaya and milk: Yes, the soft and ripe papaya along with milk could be miraculous and works for people with oily skin too as it gives a glowing, radiant and smooth skin within almost 20min. Papaya  gives a vibrant look with velvety skin from milk.
#Tomato mask: Using tomato specially for oily skin has been an age old thing. The effective acids of tomato help in reducing acne. Just mix tomato juice with little lemon juice and kudos this is the recipe for clear, spotless, acne free skin.
#Olive oil and lemon: Yes, you read it right. Olive oil mixed with some lemon juice is just another blessing for hydrating and moisturizing skin. Olive oil with lemon cut through dark spots and fights against wrinkles,fine lines, blackheads and signs of ageing resulting in a naturally shiny, fairer and younger looking skin.
#Cucumber and lemon: This one is for oily skin too. This effective face pack helps fight against suntan while lightening the skin tone and removing dark spots. Cucumber with it’s cooling effect heals all the signs of suntan thus soothing and cooling the skin. A smart choice for summers though, it’s easy and effective.

#Orange peel and curd: This one is again an easy homemade recipe for the golden glow of the skin. Orange peel with it’s effect for giving a natural radiance and curd with it’s moisturizing effect helps removing scars.
#Sandalwood and rosewater : This one is a pack which your skin would love as this one comes with all what seems as an effective way of reducing darkspots, acne, wrinkles and age spots. Sandalwood with it’s cooling effects removes all the dull and dark skin while rosewater rehydrates the skin with it’s calm and soothing action and protect against skin tan as you walk confidently with a glowy, spotless skin. This suits oily skin asthis works as an oil controlling agent.
#Tulsi and multani mitti: This one is as easy as one can be as multani mitti with it’s oil controlling benefit works against acne and tulsi helps in making dull and tired skin glow by removing acne spots. Just make a paste of two and apply and all you girls are party ready with a glowing skin.
These are some which I shared. Share your own with us in the comments section.Till then try them and enjoy a healthy, glowing and soft skin. 🙂

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