Divo And Health Kart Meet-Tress It up!

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About Divo

Divo has an extended product line which includes hair brushes, combs, loofahs, accessories which is used by makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion designers, and hair dressers.

The Meet

Divo one of India’s leading hair and beauty accessory brands organised the bloggers meet in collaboration with healthkart.com on 17 March. The event was all about hair styling, accessories. The session was conducted by Ruchika from   Divo, Sonal from Healthkart.com and hairstyling expert-Imran who shared different types of hair styling tips and techniques like backcombing, scrunching.

The session started with knowing the shape of our face. The shape of face helps in finding which hairstyle suits you the best.

DID you guys know how many types of faces are their-

TYPE 1: Heart shaped faces are wider on top which can look a bit top heavy. Don’t let your stylist cut your bangs too short.

TYPE 2: Square Shaped faces have angular jawline. Long hair is best suited

TYPE 3: Diamond shaped faces are widest on the cheekbones. Long hair is best suited.

TYPE 4: Long- long hair doesn’t suit this face type. Waves and textures at the mid length are best suited.

TYPE 5: Round-long hair is best suited for this face type.

TYPE 6: Oval-Layers near Cheekbones are apt for this face type.


Imran who shared different types of hair styling techniques like backcombing, scrunching etc.





















Sonal from health kart with a lovely messy plait.


Hair Styling Tips

Imran also explained how to blow dry at home to get salon quality look. He also recommended use of heat protectors before applying heat to the hairs. He also emphasised that finishing sprays should be applied at a distance of 15 cm from hair.

I hope this information will help you guys next time when you style your hair.


It was wonderful experience meeting so many bloggers.

Oh! before signing out how could I forget to make a special mention of those lovely cup cakes 🙂

*( pictures courtesy- Divo and health Kart.)




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