Direct Selling Cosmetic Brands In India

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We all prefer going to the malls and the shops for buying almost everything but still the culture of direct selling prevails in India in a big way. There is direct selling in almost everything and it dates back to the older times. Why I am writing this piece is because we do have a lot of direct selling cosmetic brands in India which have a great hold over the Indian market. Avon India, Jafra Ruchi Cosmetics and Oriflame India are three names that would come to our mind when we speak of Direct selling cosmetic brands in India. Though I am sure that there would be more cosmetic brands that would fall in this category but these are the popular and the trusted ones.

The culture of Direct Selling cosmetic Brands in India prevails due to trust. The biggest chain of direct selling starts with purchasing cosmetic brands from friends and acquaintances.

Jafra Ruchi Cosmetics

I came across this brand only recently but trust me if you don’t know about you have been living under a rock (like I guess even I was). Jafra Ruchi Cosmetics is not a cheap brand, I am sure those who don’t know about the brand might think so. In fact Jafra Ruchi Cosmetics had Sushmita Sen at their India launch. Jafra Ruchi Cosmetics like any other brand does the entire range of beauty and cosmetics and according to me their beauty range outshines it all. Ask me, their beauty products are event better than many other brands known for making beauty products. They give a complete experience of Quality.

Their fragrances are also one great pick from their entire bouquet and something that I totally recommend.

Avon India

I remember using Avon India (Kajals) products a few years back and then cosmetic hoarding happened to me. Avon India again is another direct selling cosmetic brand in India. Avon India is priced lower when we compare with its two competitors Oriflame India and Jafra Ruchi Cosmetics. I am not using any Avon India product currently but saw some recent launches and plan to buy a few. Avon India does a lot more than just beauty products and cosmetics and had jewellery and much more. They recently introduced their kids range and men range and the Avon India kids range has come up with a lot of innovation.

Oriflame India

Oriflame India is the third and one of the biggest direct selling cosmetic brands in India. Oriflame India also captures the market via quality. I have used a few Oriflame India products in the past and really swear by the quality.  Oriflame India has some really great colour cosmetics (lip glosses) but I really haven’t heard much or tried their nail paints.



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