A Day At Select CITYWALK

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Talk Shopping in Delhi and the first word that comes to our mind is Select CITYWALK. Not just because the mall houses all the best brands in the city under one roof but because there is a festive aroma in the air every time we enter Select CITYWALK. From their special Diwali and Rakshabandhan Fairs to festive kiosks and event based installations, at SCW, it is always a riot of beautiful colors.

14075131_1243824929015453_1254355648_o (1) (1)                                                                                                                                                            Before the festivities start #TeamColorific decided to spend a day full of pamper and shopping at our favorite SCW (Also because Akshita was in town after two weeks and wanted to go shopping badly). Here is a small a count of what we did at Select CITYWALK and what we recommend while you visit it.

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We started our day at SCW with a personalized Hair ritual at Geetanjali Salon. A great experience as always and we loved every bit of it. I totally adored the smooth texture and the bounce that I could feel in my hair after the hair ritual. Geetanjali has always been our go to place for all hair related chores but the Select CITYWALK Hair Studio tops the list. Perfect to describe, we loved welcoming the festive vibe with the power of me with the perfect pampering session at their studio. Though Akshita was on a Hair trim ban, she got her hair styled with a few curls swirling up.

So, the next time when you happen to be at Select CITYWALK, #TeamColorific strongly recommends trying the Geetanjali Hair Studio if you haven’t visited it as yet. 



With the best of the brands available at Select CITYWALK shopping has always been fun. We checked out the collection at GAP, Forever NEW, & H&M and quite liked it. We also picked up a few things from the SuperDry store. We visited Massimo Dutti store for the first time and it surely deserves a mention here. Though Akshita or I dint try anything there but we liked their collection and look forward to their pieces.


Crocs Lina Shiny Flat

Crocs Lina Luxe Flat

Shopping at kiosks has its own charm and if you too love SCW, you surely know what I mean by this line.  Every floor has more than 4 Branded Kiosks which make available to us a new upcoming brand at sneak peeks of their best picks. We visited the a shoe kiosk store while on our way to MySquare and couldn’t help but shop! The collection was colorful with a good variety of ballerinas, Flipflops , Clogs, Flats, Loafers, Shoes, Sneakers and so on. They are both comfortable and stylish and we already own a piece of their last collection. So, I quickly decided to add a new one to my shoe collection. I picked up classic floral ballerinas from them. I also tried my hands on clogs and picked one because I loved the style and they were really looking very attractive.


We ended our day by stacking up a few Take Me As I Am from the Colorbar store.

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Before leaving we tried the super yummy Keventers shake. Keventers, I am sure is something that needs no introduction to all of us. I tried their Choco Chip and Akshita took her usual butterscotch shake. Mine was really filling and refreshing and I am sure that their butterscotch shakes need no recommendation.  We noticed that the bottles were dedicated to INDEPENDENCE DAY and that was sweet. The staff informed us that they have these bottles done for every important event.We captured the entire day in beautiful clicks.

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