Day 5 At The Wills India Fashion Week

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Day 5 at the Wills India Fashion Week was according to me all about colours, bright, neon and pastels. All the collections had colours flowing in from all places and I loved it a lot.











Niharika’s collection created an everlasting impact. Trendy, sporty and chic could be the right words to describe it. The collection had under chic colors, haute motifs, bight patterns and everything we loved to see.











Ritu Pandey’s collection presented the beauty of solid colors at best. The flowers motifs and the belts that she used in her outfits took the collection to another level. To put in a few words, the collection was fashioned with a lot of class and taste.











Tahera Peeran’s collection was a pairing of opposites. The collection drew inspiration from squiggle art. It also majorly spoke of solid colors but batik and shibori prints made all the difference in the collection.

The 5th day saw a lot of good designers showing their collections. Though the day had a lot of Indian influences, there were also also some new and interesting stuff to see.

Colorific India is our attempt to get all the latest in Colours for you. Colours because everything in life has a colour and those colours make life beautiful. From a brownie to a bag to a bun. From purple to white to green. Everything that is colourful is here.

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