Day 3 At WIFW ’12

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These are a few pictures from Day 3 at the Wills India Fashion Week. A lot of good and not so good collections were a part of the day but the collection that was loved the most was without a doubt Manish Malhotra’s collection.

Gulaal and Giltoor by Manish Malhotra showcased timeless beauty. It spoke of exquisite Kashmiri craft in the collection.  The silhouettes had intricate thread and zari work which added to the beauty

Pallavi Jaipur’s collection was totally inspired from the Rajasthani local culture . It had a lot of regal fabrics like silks and chiffons. The grace and the charm of  the attires came out beautifully through stylish and embellished silhouettes. The highlight being her outfits were filled with lavish colours, patchwork and embroidery.

Rajdeep Ranawat interpreted the dark, mystical and enigmatic essence of vampires into wearable and lovable forms of art. The collection had clothing inspired by their nomadic way of life. The outfits had an elegant use of rich fabrics such as silk velvets, satin, raw silk, habutai silk, Georgettes and tulle along with silk lycra and crepes.


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