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Hello gals,

Avon has recently launched Ultra color absolute lipsticks. These lipsticks are available in eight beautiful shades. Today, I will be reviewing four shades in this range. These lipsticks will definitely make you crazy for them. The best thing about these lipsticks are they glide on very easily and are super hydrating. One generous application of the lipcolor and you are done. The stay power is long, it almost stays for 6-7 hours. Also, if you want your lip color to stay for a longer duration, then apply a primer or base before applying lip color. The basic texture of the lipstick is creamy. If your lips are dry,then this one is just the perfect option for you.

These four lipsticks are:

  • Buttered Rum
  • Caring Coral
  • Smooth Plum
  • Rich Merlot


These lipsticks are moisturizing. The cover of the lipsticks are transparent makes it easier to clearly see the colour of the lipsticks. The outer cover is quite interesting and different. I love experimenting with different colors and very excited to try this newest range.

The Six beauty benefits:

Vitamin E,Vitamin C,SPF, Moisture,Health,Collagen



The swatches from left to right are Buttered Rum,Caring Coral,Smooth Plum,Rich Merlot. Out of the four my personal favorite is Caring Coral. I just love wearing the shade. The color is in trend. The lipcolor buttered Rum also comes out very nicely on lips.                                     .

Tip: Apply a lip liner first and then fill in the lipcolor, The lipstick will last longer and intact without fading.


Shelf life: As mentioned on the cover(see in the pics)- 3 years

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    What is d price n how to purchase

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