Craftsvilla Billion Mehndi Festival

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Mehndi (Heena) is one of the best beauty friends girl/women could have. Applying heena had always been a tradition as well as a legacy passed on to generations to us. And being a girl I had always been fascinated by the beautiful mehndi design. After all I love that maroon red mehendi color so much. 🙂

It is often said that things done with perfection give perfect results but that doesn’t mostly go with mehndi as however a design be it beautifies a women each time. lines are much to be looked upto. With the growing craze for these temporary yet trendy tatoos of henna amongst the youngsters we find so many websites and blogs coming up with designs varying across cultures. From intricate traditional Rajasthani Marwari, Jaipuri, Jodhpuri designs we find simpler designs as we move towards the northern region of India we find exquisite floral designs. Heavy God/Goddess figure designs are also a hit amongst the brides for their amazing D Day look. One could also find a craze for stylish Arabic mehndi designs in addition to the use of henna colored dyes are often used to enhance the look of a particular design. This non permanent yet elegant form of painless tatoo westerners are soon catching up with the trend of applying henna tatoos on various parts of body including arm,palm,toes, nape, waist, back etc. This time calling you all mehndi design lovers Craftsvilla has kept a contest (CBMF) to showcase your design talent to the world.



All you have to do is to click pictures of your mehndi designs and upload them on their website by registering in there. You stand a chance to win a whopping sum of uptoRs. 1 lakh. For all the mehndi enthusiasts who are not so good with the designing part can also share in their precious mehndi moments with us and participate in the contest. For innovation combined with your love for creativity stylish mehndi can make you the star of the time. So all you people come up with your designs and display to the world what your mind and heart had been holding within. So guys and girls pick up the paper and pen. Paint in the design or write in your story. Let it come out. Make the imagination alive. Come in and participate and win exciting prizes. Let you live in your dream to be a mehndi artist.

Don’t forget to celebrate Mehndi Festival with Craftsvilla.

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