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Hi gals, after a break I am back with another review and this time it’s a hair colour! . I’m trying a newly launched hair colour: The Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Crème,  which can truly be referred to and described as   the  #ColourThatCares.

The reason why I’m sharing this with you all is because my hair feels cared for like never before, and I’m very happy about the whole experience.

Before applying hair color it is recommended to perform skin hypersensitivity test.

What is skin hypersensitivity test?

Mix a small quantity of colour and developer, apply on cleansed skin at the back of your ear and allow it to dry. Keep the product on for 48 hours and observe. If there is no reaction such as reddening, burning, itching, irritation or swelling in the area that the test was conducted the product can be safely used for hair colour application.


How To Use The Product:

The simple pre-measured sachets are easy to use, no need to measure.
Just cut, fully squeeze the colour & developer sachets, and mix in a plastic
or glass bowl. You are ready to go.


What’s my take?

After skin hypersensitivity test I applied the hair color(Burgandy). On mixing the color & developer sachets there is a lovely fragrance of coconut oil. Both the sachets on mixing give the look of henna. I applied the color with a brush and left it on my hair for 30 minutes and that was it!.. The application of the hair color is that quick and easy.

My hair after applying the color felt so nourished and was not at all dry. The color lasted for long. It is almost now 2 weeks and the color is still intact. However for those who color their hair it is always recommended to use color protectant shampoo which helps color lasts longer.


What’s Special about the product?

This is a crème hair colour with henna and coconut oil – it’s the first time I’ve heard of something like this. The oil in this product has left my hair feeling so soft and nourished.

The product is available in four different and beautiful colors Natural Black, Burgundy, Natural Brown & Dark Brown.

The hair color is ammonia free and that I feel is the best part. One pack is just Rs 39/-. After the hair color the hair looks healthy and nourished because of the natural elements present in the hair colour.

The fragrance unlike other colors it has a very nice coconut smell.

The color is easy to use and within 30 minutes you are done with your hair color.

There is no irritation in the eyes during application, and the colour leaves behind no dryness in the hair or scalp. 

Tip: Get multiple packs if you have longer hair and want to colour it all!

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MRP : Rs 39/- (20gm+ 20ml)

And I’d like to leave you girls with an interesting read on what to avoid while colouring your hair?


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