“Colour Blocking” Back With A Bang

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Colour Blocking is a blast from the past. It isn’t something new but again something that has been a rock on feature this year. Everyone has been colour blocking for the sheer love of it. Colour blocking is bold for the bold and for the kids. Adding colours to yourself is always great and Colour Blocking is just about it.


What is Colour Blocking?

Colour Blocking is one of the hottest new trends this season. To Colour Block means to use bocks of two or more colours in your outfit at the same time. You can Colour block your outfits, accessories, shoes and possibly everything else. Colour blocking is this new trend that has taken over everything else and has made the markets flood with loads of colours.












While Colour Blocking keep In Mind:

1.       Do not shy away from experimenting. Instead be bold and try colour blocking if you wish to do something different.

2.       Do Not use more than three colours casually. I do not say that it is a wrong practice or you may not look good. With all the  
      adorability that the colour block would bring to you, you would look like a model or an ad poster.

3.       Your motive should not be to look like a Christmas tree but to draw positive admiration.

4.       Color Blocking helps in hiding problem areas. Colours always make you look thinner, Remember!

5.       Do not Colour Block Top to bottom!

6.       If you want to bring out your Color blocked Bag, heels our make up, try keeping the rest of the ensemble simple.











Something that can really make you look great is trying Funky Ways to colour block. Try colour blocked make- up and nail paints if you intend to look different, attractive and colour blocked!

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