Colorbar Ultimate Eyeliner Review

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First, Colorbar made a pencil lipstick and now a pen eyeliner (seems some real cute work going one). All jokes apart, this is something that I received at the Colorbar beauty meet and loved a lot. I don’t use Eye liners much primarily because I donot know how to use eye liner, so this one was a great tool to play with. So, if you were searching for a good felt tip eyeliner then this Colorbar Ultimate Eyeliner can be your pick. Easy to use (for me practice) and the blackest black, what more do we need in eyeliner. And we all love colorbar for their colours, so no doubt that we get quality products and cute colours and some great innovations always with Colorbar products.


colorbar ultimate eyeliner price and review




Colorbar Ultimate eyeliner


 Pros of the Colorbar Ultimate Eyeliner:

  • The packaging is quite nice, intact and cute.
  • Being made like a pen is a boon for people who do not know how to apply it. Because a pen is something that we have used daily, using the felt tip of this eyeliner becomes easy. The felt tip is fine and makes it easy to draw thin lines.
  • The tip is flexible and that makes it easy to both put a thin and thick eyeliner.
  • The color is awesome, one swipe and you get the blackest black color that we all love.
  • This one is a totally smudge proof and water resistant.
  • Stays for a long time, Good for some 8 hours.
  • Wont go off with water. (you would need a remover)

Cons of The Colorbar Ultimate Eyeliner :

  • Expensive!
Colorbar ultimate eyeliner review


colorbar ultimate eyeliner price

Repurchase: Sure The Nature’s Co. Mixed Fruit Cleansing Cream Photos


Recommendation: I fully recommend this product. Have you tried it yet?

Price: Rs. 499

Rating:4 /5 (price is not great for college students)

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by the PR for consideration but it has not affected my review.

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