Colorbar Nail Lacquer Review: Sunset Orange

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Colorbar Nail Lacquer Sunset Orange is your pick is tangerine and tangy are your picks. Though earlier I wasn’t comfortable with tangerine that much but Colorbar has made me so.

Shade of the Colorbar Nail Lacquer:

Colorbar nail lacquer sunset orange

One coat of the sunset orange nail lacquer


This is the “Obsessed Orange” shade; very tangy and tangerinish. This would be the exact orange colour that we have used in our school days and it is not absurd but pretty to have this bright orange on the nails. This colour really looks bright and is good enough to be paired with any colour outfit.

Pros of the Colorbar Nail Lacquer:

  •  Remains intact and has a shine even without using a top coat (I generally do not use a top coat)
  • Remains for about 4-5 days. Does not chip easily.
  • Even though most of us do not look at expiry dates (I do) this nail paint can be used for two years.
  • Does not stain nails. Nails do not turn yellow after usage (actually this is about all Colorbar nail paints)
  • “Obsesses Orange” is a bright shade that looks great on fair skin (not being racist at all)
  • Easy application, two coats and you are done.
  • Dries very quickly. (not as quickly as the Quick Finish)

Cons of the Colorbar Nail Lacquer:

  •  Expensive

Experience with the Colorbar Nail Lacquer:

Colorbar nail lacquer sunset orange two coats

Colorbar nail lacquer sunset orange two coats


This colour was love at First sight. I love either bright, summery shades or soft candy shades. You will never see me put or recommend a black, brown , mustard or a dull shade as I really really like attractive and cute nail paints. The yellow caught my eye because of being the bright that it was. I always put it when I wear the Obsessed Orange lipstick.

Rating: 5/5 (love the colour)

Price: Rs 340


Disclaimer: The following product was sent by the PR for review but that has not affected my review

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