Colorbar Glitterati for the Wedding Season

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While wedding preparations are in full gear at my residence, I seem to have the baton for shopping and styling for the entire Jain Household. From getting everything right for everyone from my Dad to my sisters to my aunt, I have been shopping constantly for the last one month. One thing that I and my sister(Megha) were discussing a day back was about what do I get to do on my nails for my cousins Engagement ceremony. While I was initially wanting to do a french manicure and Keep it simple, I landed onto the ColorBar kiosk at the Pacific Mall where I saw the Colorbar Glitterati Nailpaint. Plans changed (for obvious reasons)

The shimmery palette of vibrant and trendy options promises nails that will shine like colorful jewels wherever you go. Colorbar Glitterati is filled with colorful big chunks and small chunks of glitter and adds a beautiful depth to your nails when used as a Top coat over your favorite nailcolor.

I had actually noticed 4-5 colors but got back with the golden one as that is what appealed me the most for the wedding season (and my entire for the engagement ceremony). The Color looked nice and quite dazzling. I also thought it was better to have a festive color on the nail rather than going for extentions.

I will share the review and swatches of the same soon. There is a lot more that I have loved, liked and scored for the Big Fat Jain Wedding. Keep watching the space for more.

What I like about the brand as always, international products in price that wouldn’t hurt. This bottle would cost you a 400 bucks only.Golden Sparkle Nail Paint Price INR 400

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