Colorbar Crackle Nail Polish

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Colorbar Crackle Nail Polish  Black

Colorbar Crackle Nail Polish Black

We all love doing Nail arts and spend a lot of time in doing it if not getting it done from nail art parlours. I absolutely keep trying different stuff on my nails. Different colours and different patterns are what I keep doing on my nails. A product that I really recommend to all you girls who love nail arts is the colorbar crackle nail polish. I guess Colorbar is the first Indian brand that has launched a Crackle Nail polishcolorbar crackle nail polishThe colorbar crackle nail polish is one quick and amazing product that we can use on our nails.

Colorbar has come out with two shades of the colorbar crackle nail polish right now. Red and Black are the two crackle nail polish shades available right now. This works really fast and in a very neat manner. All that we need to do to apply the colorbar crackle nail polish is to just apply one coat of the crackle nail polish over our already put coat of any colour. The crackle nail paint cracks in an instant and we see the fabulous design on our nails. I have already reviewed a few nail polishes by Colorbar. You can see the reviews here

The colorbar crackle nail polish is priced at 499 INR which is a bit more for many but because it just requires a slight one coat only, the bottle will last longer. I have just tried the colorbar crackle nail polish once while at a bloggers meet at the Colorbar. I hope Colorbar comes out with more colours in the same range and lowers the price down too, if possible so that everyone who wishes to try this can do easily.

Have you tried the Colorbar crackle nail polish yet? If yes, then would you want to review it for our readers guys?

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