College Fashion Trends: Footwear For Guys

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Guys fashion is something that has a lot of scope for innovation and can be talked about a lot. I mean it is something I think has a lot of dimension to it. Like we have a big range of footwear so do the guys. I have talking a lot about fashion with my interns these days and now I am writing a bit about what kind of footwear’s guys usually do and can wear in colleges.

Flip Flops

Flip Flop

Easy, casual and cool are the flip flop. College students drop to places like Reebok, Nike, Adidas, Converse and Puma for these. These are extremely affordable and great if the guys need to walk a lot. Also these come in so many colors that choosing can be different at times or say playing around can be easy.



It always makes a guy look classy and suave. Whatever color and style they are, they are the best for a guy. Though a lot suitable out of college but if you feel to make a girl go down on her knees try them. You might succeed soon. They are a little over the top budgeted if you go to the brands but as I say are an investment. Do not take them from street because the bad quality might spoil it all and Shoes are the best judge. Woodland has a few good ones for the college students, though I drool over a white Gucci pair.

Canvas Shoes

Canvas Shoes

When it comes to Canvas Converse is God. Though there are a lot of likes in it in the market and they all seem to be good too, in color, texture, style and price but still converse is largely favourite amongst the college goers.

Leather Shoes


These are not required ion college much except you are a management student or need to wear formals for something. For obvious reasons they look best on formals. A lot of styles look good but the pointed ones have so gone out. Ranges differ and so do styles but even these are available in plenty.


Men Sandal

Another must have for college students if you need to walk a lot, actually otherwise too. These are cool, comfortable and easy to buy. Available in plenty and at a lot of shops these sandals are according to me very comfortable. These can be bought from 400 bucks to anything under the sun. PUMA has a few great pairs to check.

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