Casual loafers for the modern man

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“Shoe shopping is a girl’s thing” is an often repeated statement. But is it true in today’s scenario? I guess, the answer is no. Men now days are equally conscious about fashion clothing and accessories. Accessories like shoes, belts etc. add a touch of sophistication to your demeanour. I believe that these simple accessories sometimes help to make you look complete. For people like me shoes are my priced possession. This season if we talk of loafers then they are the latest hit in men and high in demand.



What is Loafer?

Slip-ons are typically low, lace-less shoes. The style most commonly seen, known as a loafer or slippers in American culture, has a moccasin construction (Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Loafer is a

  • Lace less
  • Low shoe
  • Shoe with separate sole
  • Has a low heel
  • Shoe with front part has a moccasin-like construction


The major difference between moccasins and loafers is that the moccasins are always made of leather whereas the loafers can be made in other materials such as suede as well.




How to wear

An unmistakable combination is one can easily wear loafer with denims and a casual shirt or a t-shirt or with shorts or may be with chinos. However, loafers will not go with the complete formal look but one can easily wear them with jeans and informal coat.

Fun and cool, these casual loafers are extremely easy to work and look effortlessly stylish when paired with any denim or chinos.

To wear your loafers with socks or without is totally up to your preference. Loafers are comfortable footwear and are perfect for summers.




Loafer’s are travel friendly as they slip on and off easily. They are comfortable, stylish and are available in different colors and designs. The most common kind of loafers is monk straps, tasseled decorations, penny loafers, and formal loafers. Loafers look trendy, stylish and give a classy appeal. Shoes do make an impact about a man’s personality that is why it is rightly said judge a man by the shoes he wears.

Let the punk factor get the better of you by investing in season’s high demand accessories like loafers to step out in style and utter confidence.

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