Brighten Your Diwali

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So, Diwali is round the corner and the shopping season has just started. Diwali is all about lights, colours, festivity and makeovers. From redecorating our houses to personal makeovers and much more, the festival of Diwali adds newness and freshness to our lives. Don’t you just love how we see everything new and bright in and around Diwali? I have started shopping and I am sure so have many of you. Here are a few Diwali shopping options that you can you put your hands on. Shop your heart out and brighten up your Diwali.

Wall hanging

Marble white showpiece

Marble Showpiece

Cute Cushions

While you have already planned your shopping and all the gifts for your relatives this Diwali, give your house a small makeover with these. According to me the simplest way to change your room is you get some new colours wall (get it painted) and to add some cute stuff around. Consider these while re-doing your rooms this Diwali. And we always talk, these are all budget options. All can be bought for less than Rs 1000. Yes, get started and add some colour to your rooms in this festival of lights.

If you are planning to give a small makeover to your wardrobe too then see this post for more.

While you give your house and yourself a makeover also do something meaningful this Diwali. While there are people like us who can spend and have fun and enjoy the festival, there are also people who are living hand to mouth and consider it a festival when they get a proper meal. Let us make sure to so something for such people. Nothing big but just make sure that we make atleast one person smile. From your house maid to a rickshaw guy to absolutely anyone, just make this Diwali a bit more meaningful.

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