Body Shop Christmas Special

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The Body Special hosted a special Christmas Party at their CP Store for the Fashion fraternity. It was one cool party that I recently went to, short and sweet. Off late, we have not been going to a lot of events and the in the month of December we attended two beauty meets both of which were good.

The Body Shop meet was totally rocking it Santa Style with special TBS Christmas packing to their products, special products for the season and also a special Christmas look. Here are some pictures talking about the event.



Nikita Sharma Make up Expert TBS doing the Makeover to Aastha Sharma Values and Markrting TBS

The Body Shop Makeover: Winter Special


Ready for Christmas Party Nikita Sharma Makeup Expert TBS


The Body Shop makeup artist Nikita Sharma did a special party makeup tutorial for us with The Body Shop products. It was a light yet shimmery look that she gave.


Here are a few Christmas Special gifts introduced by the TBS (many product reviews coming soon )


I so wanted the Lolipop out of this. Super cute says the Lolipop to me!!


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