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I have been wearing the sheer shirts for quite some time. I find them light and a easy piece of clothing. They are both classy and at times formal in themselves and very much complete so that you don’t have to work up too much on your look. Black pants are on of those which gets on to our wardrobes during our first interview days (from college), atleast the one in the post is from my first and only interview in college. Black pants are a staple piece of clothing again. If your office allows you strict formal wear, I am sure you wear it every third day!

Red and Black


In this post I am wearing these classic black pants, with a sheer shirt, making it playful, colourful and me! This outfit is for people like me who would not want to act too dressy.
Red Shirt and Allen solly Trouser

How to Make Your Formal Attire Playful:

1. Wear Heels or wedges of a contrasting color. If you go for a footwear of a similar colour like I did, you can either play with the height or the pattern. I choose high heeled pumps on this case.

2. Add a dash of neckpiece with your shirt. In a normal case you might add a silver of a golden chain with a small or negligible pendent but try going for a pearl necklace or a bigger ethnic piece. If you work (like mine) allows you to be a little more colourfull you can add a bib necklace or a big statement necklace over your shirt.

3. It is not always necessary to wear a cotton shirt for a boardroom meeting and hence I choose the sheer shirt. I kept the colours as red and black to not go too over the top. You can experiment with Colours according to your taste. The safest and the classiest would be to wear a White sheet shirt. You can also wear a Pink or a tangerine Sheer shirt if you think that fits your office environment. And if that doesn’t fir your office environment, wear lighter shades of Pink and Tangerine and carry scarfs in your look.

4. If sheer is too much for you, then do not go for the classic formal shirts. Choose a cotton shirt with a different pattern. There are many more formal shirts than just the classic button up.

5. If you want to dress lighter go for a linen shirt. Try a pastel shade.
Red Striped Only Shirt


Make Up

1. Play with your Make up to make the difference.

2. You can try Nude lips, red lips, pink lips (my ready to go), tangerine lips. I would say avoid Browns and all coffee colours. There are many more colours to make you look cute.

3. A good mascara and a Kajal can redefine your eyes well, go for an eyeliner also if you want to make your eyes bigger. I usually wear either a Kajal or an eyeliner.

4. You can apply a dark shade of eye shadows . I always dab my eye lids after applying the eye shadows primarily because I always prefer a lighter makeup. (I am not wearing any eye shadow in this)

5. On the cheeks you can wear any colour of a blush till it doesn’t make you look bruised. You can use Peachy Rose blush by Colorbar for a pink and everyday Glow look. This one has become my ready to go Blush. P.S: I have not applied any foundation in the post. A foundation is not a part of my makeup regime anyway. I am more of a BB cream person. I use the Vedic line BB cream which is much better than the much talked about Maybelline BB cream . Read review here.. Vedic Line BB cream.

Thrifted Bib Necklace

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I am Wearing:

Red and Black striped Shirt: Only

(I am not wearing a belt in the post because I pulled the shirt out from the edges and wore with a lazy look. )

Black pants: Allen Solly

Footwear: Charles and Keith

Bib necklace: Janpath

Rings: Forever New and Pieces

On my lips: Body Shop lip gloss (Gifted)

On my cheeks: Peachy Rose Blush c/o Colorbar

On my nails: Peachy Rose 047 Nail Lacquer c/o Colorbar

The Peachy Rose is a ready to go Blush neither to dark nor too nude. For a person like me who loves pink and lesser make up, it’s an all day guide.

Do you like the colour on my nails?


Photography: Aastha Rohella

Editing: Rishab Dahiya


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