Birthday Outfits For You and “Me”

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And it was a birthday surprise! Yes my birthday was last month but Fashion Week and everything else around kept me away from this post. Generally, I would not have done a post starting like this made it a little special for me! Thank you!

Nearing my birthday I received a lot of stuffs from brands for review purposes (gifts are just one part of being a fashion blogger) but sent me something just to wish me Happy Birthday! Isn’t that sweet! And so I write a post here. They sent me a Flip Flop Clutch!

I was delighted when I got that gift from Qvendo and it perfectly matched with my Birthday dress too. Now, I am writing a sharing a few ideas, I am calling these Birthday Ideas. How to dress on your birthday and make that special day a very special one.

Black and Silver Sizzle!

Akshita Jain

Black always make a girl looks thin and even an inch thinner is our step to heaven. So, the first outfit is based on black. (this is what I wore on my birthday) . This birthday outfit is for the chic, the ones who wishes to sizzling always. Though that’s not what I looked because I like a very minimalistic approach to dressing but I am sure you can carry it off!!

Black dress: ONLY

Black and White Blazer: Birthday Gift

Black Stockings: Vero Moda

Black Stilettos:

Ring: Accesorize, Lifestyle

Bracelet: Birthday Gift

Flip Flop clutch: Birthday Gift from Qvendo

I wanted everything to blend in just one colors and so I planned everything around black. The outfit can be good for days outs and small parties. I hosted a very small one for my besties and it just fitted well. I generally don’t like posting my own pictures and so you just a sneak peak here.


Red and Black Beauty!

The second Birthday outfit defines passion. Red color for the lady on her birthday or for the day she wants to make a statement! One of those birthdays, when you have a special dinner with that special someone or a big party with all you know. I have accessories this one From Qvendo.

Birthday Outfits for you and "me"

Red Dress: Saw somewhere online


D&G Neckpiece: Qvendo 

D&G Watch: Qvendo

Stilletoes: Qvendo

Those who are reading this post know what to send me next Birthday.

Before I want o sign off, Check this link out Sequined dresse Qvendo

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