Avon Stars Convention’14- The Company for Women

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On 10th May 2014, Avon hosted their biggest celebration of the year, their Stars Convention 2014. This one happens to be their most important event every year as it brings together all the #Avonwomen and they share their experiences, stories of success and get gratified for their achievements. Avon as a company stands for woman empowerment and thus this event had to be all about woman. Every part of the show spoke about how lives had changed once Avon entered their lives. The enthusiasm of the crowd could tell the story out loud. There were smiles, tears, excitement and what not, it was their own night and they enjoyed it to they enjoyed it to the fullest.

Avon Stars Convention event

Asin at Avon Event in Delhi

Avon Counter


Many a times, we hear about direct selling brands and we talk about how it actually seems impossible for a person to earn a living out of such a mode but at the event certainly acted as a doubt clearer for me. So, there were about 300 women who were celebrating their Avon Success Story. Not only could I see the excitement in their eyes but also the happiness and joy that their success had got them. There were a few women for whom Avon acted as a life changer and they had actually built everything with Avon; their homes, their lives and their happy families. The best part of the night was that it had bought together women from different states, different languages, different religions but one passion and that was to build a new and more prosperous life with Avon. A life that has new mission, new goals, new friends and a business that empowers them.

I did get a chance to see a few of the awards distributed for the yearly work and it was a sight.

Not to miss was the star of the day Asin; who rocked the night with a golden black gown. I totally loved her oh so charming look. Bold eyes and a softer overall look made the Diva look stunning.


It was a night of emotions and love. I generally do not attend events like those but this time I was happy that I could witness something like that.

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