Avon Nailwear Pro Enamel Aqua Review

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Avon has come up with their new range of nail colours called the Avon Nailwear pro+. This range has 28 shades, Here is a complete list of all the shades that Avon Nailwear pro+ has.

There are 28 shades available in 3 finishes; Crème, Shimmer and sequins


1.     Lagoon

2.     Perfectly Flesh

3.     Midnight Plum

4.     French Tip Lilac

5.     Sweet Mint

6.     Noir Emerald

7.     Fuchsia



1.     Midnight Blue

2.     Midnight Plum

3.     Naled Truth

4.     Perfectly Flesh

5.     French Tip Lilac

6.     Mulberry

7.     Tangtastic

8.     Sizzling Red



1.     Berry Shimmer

2.     Lagoon

3.     Noir Emerald

4.     Romance

5.     Venus

6.     Fuchsia

7.     Crimson

8.     Chocolate

9.     Absinthe

10.  Golden Wine

11.  Mystic

12.  Rave

13.  Golden Vision

Highlights of the Avon Nailwear pro+ range

1. New and improved formula

2. Dura plus complex for extreme durable wear

3. More colour, fuller coverage and richer formula

4. 3 finishes, Creme, shimmer and sequins

Avon nailwear pro Aqua Fantasy one coat

Pros of the Avon Nailwear pro enamel Aqua

1. The nail paint dries off quickly and stays long.

2. The bottle is cute. Handy packaging.

3. Pocket friendly.

4. Have tried single coat and double also. Both are really well to carry and in looks as depicted in the picture.

5. The nail paint is shiny and smooth.

6. This color is perfect to be worn with spring summer wears.

7. The discount varies with the booklet that Avon representatives carry on monthly basis.

Cons of the Avon Nailwear pro enamel Aqua

Available only with the Avon representatives.

Avon Aqua Fantasy two  coats


I really liked the color and it is I guess is a perfect monsoon wear.For those who are willing to add some good colors to their vanity now, they can consider trying out this color. The look on application of single coat is perfect and you can do have a look of single and double application in the pictures here. New and different shades in this range of Avon are available that dry out quickly and will be best to bring out your creativity by trying out different colors in your nail art.


Price: Rs 99/- and also depending on the discount available that month

Repurchase: Dicy; might be in different color

Availablity: With any Avon representative.

Rating: 4/5

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by Brand for consideration but it has not affected my review.






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