Avon Mosaic Effect Nail polish Review

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About Avon:

Avon is the Number 1 Beauty Direct Seller in the World, a Beauty Icon and as one of the world’s largest micro-lenders Avon, extends credit to numerous Sales Representatives on its first order across the globe.

With More than 6.5 million Representatives in over a 100 countries, Avon has understood that successful selling is about people connecting with people. That’s our spirit. In every country where we do business…in every community, Avon is committed to making a difference.

Experience with Avon Mosaic Effect Nail polish:

Avon has came up with an exciting range in nail paints.

  • Avon Mosaic Effects – Fiery Fuchsia
  • Avon Mosaic Effects – Black
  • Avon Mosaic Effects – Gold glimmer

Avon Mosaic effects gold glimmer review

Avon mosaic effects review

Avon mosaic effects fiery fuscia review

Avon mosaic effects nailpaints

For those who don’t know what Crackle Nail paints do:
These nail polishes needs to be applied with a base coat and then a top coat of this nail polish, which gives a very nice effect. The swatches  can be seen in the Pictures. A variety of colour combinations can be chosen every time to give altogether different look. In the top coat little cracks appear which gives a very nice effect.
For a shimmery look , Avon Mosaic Effects – Gold glimmer is the best paired with any light or dark shade. Red according to me is the best with this shade.
Avon Mosaic Effects – Fiery Fuchsia is dark pink top coat with a slight glittering effect teaming it up with any lighter shade will make it look very beautiful.
I have always liked Avon Nail paints because they surely dry faster and stay longer. 6 days without any much visible chipping.
Please Note: Please apply only a single thin coat over the base coat. A thicker coat will not break/crackle favourably and might not look as desired.
All those who love nail art and nail colours, these are a must buy 🙂

Repurchase: Sure.

Price: Rs 299/-only .

Rating: 4.5 /5

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