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Did you know a lot of designers from Tokyo are visiting the Wills India Fashion Week. Super excited to see the Tokyo Fashion Week being presented here in india. It would be amazing to see their designs being showcased here. A lot of colours, patterns and hues and all in their style. Super Excited. I am sharing the profile of one of the designers who are coming here this time. I have a lot more to say but keep watching this space for more.

ANREALAGE is a combination of words of “A REAL(daily), UNREAL(unordinary) and AGE(an
era)”. The designer pursues the values in making clothes under the concept of “God is in the
DESIGNER PROFILE : Kunihiko Morinaga, Male
1980 Born in Tokyo
2002 Graduated from Waseda University and Vantan Design Academy Career School.
2003 Launched his own brand “ANREALAGE”
2005 Won the Avan-Garde Grand Prix at Gen Art in New York
2006 Presented the first runway collection at the large observation platform in Tokyo Tower
2009 Presented a collection uner the them of 「○△□」, conversion of the most basic
symbols into clothes
Found its own characteristic and followed by the collections「凸凹」,「Silhouette」,
「wideshortslimlong」,「 」, 「LOW」,「SHELL」
2011 Opened its flagship store in Jingumae, Tokyo
Won The 29th of Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix for the best new designer and Shiseido
incentive award

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