Alia Bhatt’s 5 Looks In Dear Zindagi

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Gauri Shinde’s new movie, “Dear Zindagi” starring Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt in the lead role has been a huge hit especially among the youth. Kaira, the character played by Alia Bhatt, connects well with each one of us. The movie throws a light on Mental Illness, something which is still considered a taboo in India.

Alia depicted the new generation woman, Kaira with ease. Her looks in the movie have been appreciated by all. It’s casual yet chic.

A lot of you must be trying to recreate her style and we at Colorific thought of making this easy for you. We’ll be recreating Five of her looks from the movie.

Look 1:


When the first trailer, Dear Zindagi-Take one, was released, all of us fell in love with Alia Bhatt’s look. Her look was very refreshing and comfortable. We, at Colorific, tried recreating her look and found all the necessary:

White Camisole:

Blue Washed Shorts:


Look 2:



Offshoulder top: 
Striped jeans:

Look 3:


Look 4:


Look 5:




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