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Live life King size had always been a mantra for most of us or at least there is this desire to live a life where one lives like a ‘princess’ and later a queen resides inside every lady’s heart. And I being one of them always fantasized about all those beautiful garments which made the life more a beautiful for these charming women from History. While closely looking one could sense that their splendid look and aura was not only the function of time and money invested but also the choice of garment. And here none other than our Indian wear played a pivotal role to give that glamorous look and enhancing all the show.

The magnificence was highlighted with the use of those intricately woven and craftily designed colorful kurties. This time #Rangriti had come upto bring this magnificence alive as they have come up with their specially selected, mastered and tailored collection of colorful kurtas to provide that accentuated look to every woman. Making you feel like a queen wherever you go as you gear up to earn all those praises which you always wanted. And yes these are our own beautiful collection of plethora of kurtas which ranges from simple to Asymmetric to colorful that make you stand apart. It’s a comfortable and reliable option to choose and wear. It is one of the brands that is my fav because of the color options and the designing they have for you.

FotorCreatedAs you walk it’s bound to turn heads as you would redefine the elegance with each step. And who might know that you could be the next trendsetter with this beautifully crafted collection from Rangriti. The designs which are offered made me jump with ecstasy as the brand offers much beyond I ever expected as the designs are often custom made keeping in mind the space and time in modern women’s life.


Wearing  Kurta is what I admire more as they are comfortable and at the same time beautiful with different color options and designs  and fabric suited much of my choice. With the upcoming festivals lined up these colorful kurtas becomes a need as they uplift he mood and vigor of the festivities and celebrations .And I like to don them whenever I get a chance. And with these collections from Rangriti , I am bound to buy more and wear them often to work. And honestly wearing them is bliss as they come handy without much effort and time to make you steal the show every time you step out.

We totally loved this new collection from #Rangriti, Hope you love them too. Share your comments below. Till the next time stay trendy and happy. J

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  1. Zariboota - Celebration Wear

    October 18, 2016 at 2:08 pm

    Awesome collections of colourful kurtas. Thanks for sharing for such an effective information.


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