About Us

The world is a beautiful canvas with myriad colours. Colorific India is our initiative to get all that is dazzling in colours for you. Colours are quintessential to discover the true essence of this big wide world. And we offer you a kaleidoscopic view of all that is resplendent and new. We aim to capture every colour that is in vogue; the colour you wear, the colour you carry, the colour you see and anything colourful that can be. So, wear the psychedelic spectacle and view the vibrant world of colors at Colorific India. It is all about celebrating colours.

In simpler words, Colorific is a style and beauty webzine that is here to help and assist you in all your style and beauty needs.

Colorific is an Indian Fashion and Beauty blog run by Delhi Fashion and Beauty Bloggers Megha Jain and Akshita Jain. Colorific India is their canvas to play with and present their love for all things pink and red. Fashion Blog that would talk about everything from Cosmetic and Beauty reviews to shopping destinations, e commerce reviews, styling and shopping tips, homemade beauty remedies and much more. Head to Colorific, if you are searching our Fashion Blog to get hands on for any of these.

Have a great time!

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