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News of Katrina Kaif gone missing had too many people not only wondering about

her whereabouts, but also wildly speculating. One moment she is in Kashmir,

another moment she is filming in Mumbai, yet another moment she is taking a

holiday in Italy – it’s a subject everyone wants to be part of. But lo and behold, surces

have just revealed that Katrina was spotted in Ratnagiri!

Based on news, she was last seen at the Femina Women Awards. And she is also

supposed to make it to London to unveil her wax statue at Madame Tussaud’s. How

then, between these two faraway events, she managed – and bothered – to make

time for a quiet coastal town in Maharashtra?


This is the new revelation that has her fans in a semi-trance. What could she be doing

there? She was recently on the cover of India Today magazine, maybe this too is for a

magazine cover shoot? Some of her friends claim that she may be starring a film on

the Maratha Empire. So does this mean we will see Katrina in a period film avatar

soon in all regalia?

There is no news as yet of any upcoming films involving Ratnagiri though, and

speculations regarding the same have already started circulating. Sources say that

she might be shooting an ad film on sunscreen, while her colleagues say that she is

probably out on a holiday as it’s been a really busy year for her with many big films

lined up.


In any case, amidst the glamorous events she is reported to be attending, the news of

her being in a secluded port town remains very intriguing. It is bound to make us ask

what the key to this entire mystery is. First a complete disappearance and then a

sighting amongst coastal farms – what secret does Ratnagiri hold?

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