A Guide To Glamorous Eyes

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Guide to glamorous eyes. It is just one from the series to come. We all love our eyes and definitely they speak a thousand unsaid words. Eye make up is often a task and I will be sharing a few tips for them every now and them. As always, read this for starters. Do you like smokey eyes or nude eyes?

1.Apply concealer on your eyes:

The first and the foremost step before getting started for an eye make-up is the application of concealer. The underlying idea for the use of concealer is to cover the dark circles and to bring the skin in one tone. The Concealer can be applied in dots and preferably start from where the skin seems to be the darkest and rub until it disappears.

2. Apply eye base and eye shadow:

Just before starting make-up as we apply make-up base, similarly application of eye base helps to keep eye shadow intact for long. On Applying eye shadow you have n number of choices and colors. The basic criteria is to start with a light color from the lid and then medium and finally the darker shade.

3. Apply eyeliner:

Application of eye liner gives the eyes proper definition and enhances the beauty of the eyes.

4. Apply Kajal:

This step involves applying Kajal which will make the eyes more attractive and gorgeous.   These days a number of colors are available in the market be it sea green, grey, blue, black.

5. Applying highlighter can be a good option:

This is optional but applying highlighter can be an added advantage to your eye make- up.

6. Curl your lashes:

An eyelash curler will make the eyelashes look bright and long.

7. Apply mascara :

In the end before giving final touches to your make-up don’t forget to put mascara. For better look apply it on both the eye lashes.

However there is no specific technique to apply, it also depends on the personal choice and everyone has its own method on doing shading and shaping.


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