A dash of Ethnicity

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If it’s a party or a wedding or a choice for the daily comfort wear most of us or precisely I prefer Indian wear. But presenting that Indian women look with the dash of the classy modern day women is a difficult task as one often falls short of options appeasing the eyes and mind at the same time. So often I go on long sprees to the local markets and fashion stores to satiate my thirst for owning the best of fashion which is as traditional as modern and falls in tandum with my desire for wearing ethnic with a global twist. So to bring out that amalgamation of new and old world Global Desi is one of the new entrants into my wardrobe as the brand focuses on bringing out the free spirited, vibrant and colorful soul of India. The brand brings out the smooth western style with a touch of Indian style which echoes the spirit of the Indian wear into dynamic living and simplistic ways. The tradition of celebration of women conjoined with the passion for life is so beautifully captured in the suits from Global Desi that one is often spoilt for choice. The factor which makes it all the more a viable option for me is the online availability which cuts down my effort of going to the market looking for my choice of clothes. Global desi have an amazing collection for suits for women online and that is now I can shop all what I may ask for from the comfort of my home, office desk or just while travelling.


Picking up what is trending has always been my idea and with Global Desi I am almost sorted. They bring the nicest at the affordable price. Now I often end up looking an extra bit edgy and sexy with my awesomely designed and carefully drafted suits from Global Desi. In particular I feel they have a good  collection of designer salwar suits and formal suits for women.



The added advantage being the comfort fit and the intricately woven fabric chosen to accommodate the needs of the women today keeping in lieu with the free spirited vibe. Yet another fantastic factor is the presence of exquisite pattern and color coordination which is sure to gather praise from all the men and a little jealousy for women around.


With  Global Desi all my needs for Indian wear is sorted and I feel  that my fashion doesn’t come either over done or under done. The boho-chic feel of the fabric and design brings out the liveliness while casting a spell of sheer elegance and flawless style. The awesomeness of being dressed up in ethnic with a touch of western style almost makes one confident to carry every time one wears it.


This is not the only advantage of the brand as it caters to the needs of all the age groups alike as the dress material and suits both carry work and patterns suits varied age groups. So one can dawn different fashions and styles of suits putting one’s best foot front for different occasions.

So this is my experience of choosing Global Desi’s suits for my wardrobe, share yours.

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