6 Best Red Lipsticks

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Red is the most vibrant of all colours. Like an old saying goes, “When in doubt, wear red”. Red is the colour of love and passion, energy and courage. It’s the most loved colour. Not just red coloured clothes look good, but even red lipsticks gives a young and fresh look to us. It’s a huge misconception that red lipsticks look good only on certain skin colour. Red looks good on all type of skin tone, you just need to find the right red according to your skin type.

We bring to you the six shades of red that are absolutely rocking and make you picture perfect in just one go.



1.Ruby Woo- Mac: 

This best-selling shade from MAC is our favourite Red Lipstick of 2016. It goes well with most skin tone and gives a bold look.  Ruby Woo is a richly pigmented red with blue undertones, and is famous for its ultra-matte finish.



2.Chanel Rouge Coco Gabrielle Lipstick:

Gabrielle from the Chanel Rouge Coco collection is a lipstick with a melt-away balm texture that becomes fluid as soon as it touches the lips. This became an instant favourite red shade of this year and is known for its long lasting effect.


3.Revlon Super Lustrous Love The Red Lipstick:

The bright red lipstick from Revlon suits best on lighter skin tones. It also prevents a hole in your pocket as it is extremely cheap. It gives a smooth creamy texture and moisturizes your lips.



4.Dior Rouge Dior No. 999 Lipstick:

This shade of red lipstick suits any skin tone. It gives your lip an extremely moisturized look and makes you look young and vibrant. It gives a smooth finish to your lips and also ensures that your lips remain healthy and protected at all times.


5.NARS Semi Matte Jungle Red Lipstick:

This shade by NARS is made from conditioners and antioxidants that keep your lips nourished and hydrated at all times. This shade of red gives you a retro party look and we bet no one can pull a better red than NARS.


6.Bobbi Brown Red:

Bobby’s creamy semi matte lipstick became an instant favourite ever since its launch. It got sold out minutes later its launch. This lipstick gives a comfortable and instant polished look. This goes well with most of the outfits.


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