4 Quick And Easy Hair Styles This Monsoon

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With monsoon setting in, it is impossible to keep your long hair open every time you go out. In Monsoon, The hair tends to be more Frizzy and unmanageable. Also, making hairstyles in minutes is no joke. It actually takes a lot of patience and efforts. Check out on our blog four quick and easy Hair dos this monsoon.




From the time of 70’s till today, Braid is something that remains always in fashion. Experimenting with different types of braid styling can be fun and a quick and easiest DIY hairstyling. Be it a French Braid, Pull through braid, Side braid or a simple braid. It is always fun to try it and give a different look every type to choose and opt for Braid.


The-Classic-Messy-BunMessy Bun

Messy bun is another hairstyle that is quick and easy. Tying Hair together as a bun with a clip or making a messy bun is in fad these days. It is a quick DIY Hair style which will take less than 5 minutes to get ready with a perfect  look this monsoon season



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High Ponytail

That is one of my favorite way to manage my hair when I am left with nothing to handle my hair especially in monsoon season and summers when sweating is a major problem. Different twists can be done while you are styling your high ponytail to make it look better and different.


Braid and Bun

Another different yet classy looking hairstyle, first braid and they make a simple bun with that.

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  1. bhawana

    August 11, 2016 at 1:33 pm

    yes, making hairstyles in minutes is no joke
    i love making different types of messy bun,
    its really so quick and simple to make 🙂

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