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What started with the pleasure of carrying of something different as an accessory has now turned into a fully fledged creative business. This is the story of 28 year old commercial artist who quit her 7 years of advertising career (www.aditudedesigns.comfor  the love of all things creative.

Sling bag


I had first come across Be U on Facebook when my cousin was searching for something to carry with her ethic wear for a wedding. Why we had actually landed on “Facebook” was because we did not wanted to have something stereotype. Be U bags totally struck us. Amazing!


Indo western sling bag


Darshita Chheda, founder & creative head behind Be U, first designed a clutch for herself when she did not wanted to carry something that was available for all in the market. Her designed clutch received a great response from the onlookers and hence she realized that hers was a long creative journey ahead.

Pink colored sling bag

She started designing and soon from a facebook page, she and her clutches spread to every online portal selling handmade and creative products. From the first look at her clutches, we know that there is great research and work behind them. The minute details and “karigari” in all her clutches speak a lot.

I will soon be having a few of those in my upcoming looks.


A few things about Be U:

1.       Prices start from Rs 800

2.       You can get a clutch just customised for your ownself.

3.       Indo western taste of occasion wear clutches

4.       Every bag is a designer piece.

These are affordable and stylish. I am going for Be U bags, are you?


Have a closer look here,

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