100 Days of Summer

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Often while browsing through an online shopping store we take a lot of time to decide what to buy. We get confused because we see the clothes/accessories/other products either on dummies or on models only focusing on that one product. At these times we feel that offline shopping has an upper hand on online shopping because it allows us to try different combinations and helps us put together one that we like the most. Recently, with a new lookbook Myntra.com makes us stick to online shopping making our experience smoother and more trend friendly.

The lookbook titled, “100 Days of Summer” has 100 styles for the woman of today. From Classy to Chic, these 100 styles have almost everything that “You and I” would love to buy and flaunt. Keeping up with the latest trends, Myntra.com has put together this look book giving us great daily trend tips. The lookbook makes it easier for us not only to evaluate a product but also helps us visualize how would a particular combination look on us or what would compliment what.

Blue Top

Myntra looks

Myntra Lookbook

Harem Pants

The LookBook has varied options. Whether you wish to go for a relaxed silhouette or a formal outfit, it has many options that you can choose. The Lookbook brings together the best of styles keeping in mind the woman who loves herself and loves to dress. Ffrankly, I had never known that Myntra.com had some of those really chic stuff but one look at the Lookbook and those shots and I am awestruck.

Four Picks that I loved the most are above. For more go straight to their Lookbook.

It is not that I loved only “Everything Blue” from their collection but I only shared two of my picks for people who would want to dress in two different ways. The Blue and white short look when you would want to dress all chic and the Blue Maxi Look for a relaxed day out.

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