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College is without a doubt the best time in a person’s life. It is all about the fun that you have there. It is our gatepass to the outer world. Where college has a lot of fun and emotional memories attached to it, it also has a fashion sense to it (I think there is a fashion sense to everything actually). The moment we enter college and meet so many new people there are a lot of changes that happen within us.

Well, I am here for some fun post, so don’t read the above. I just thought to talk about a few shops that a college students visit frequently. Here is a list of the same. I have compiled the list from my own experience while I was in college and talking to a few interns of mine who are still in college. I am sure there will be a lot more to the list but these are some brands and shops that I am sure the guys and girls do visit.

UCB : United Colors Of Benetton


Yes, United Colors of Benetton it is. Might look expensive at the first look but it still manages to be a favourite amongst the college goers. It has I guess an undying craze amongst them. Though the standard “UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON” tee is a big NO now, (thanks to Sarojini and Janpath), but there are still a lot of designs that appeal to these college students in a big way.  I don’t understand why, the designs are the standard ones but yes quality speaks. The polo neck tees, diamond sweaters and their jackets are the favorites by college students. About the budget, though some can afford it all the time, for the rest the sales rock.


Puma Logo

Again another gaint and college student favourite is PUMA.  Mostly seen wearing a PUMA tee or a jacket or shoes are boys but girls love to flaunt PUMA bags and flip flops as well. Like UCB , the craze is there for PUMA as well. Ironically, it’s very rare to new a new design in PUMA but still campus seems to love it. Whenever there is a sale in Puma, it is raided by these students first because they have to have it in their wardrobes. Puma bags are something, I will give my vote to because they have great quality and the standard designs are played well.


Madame logo

Madame I must say has a lot of good stuff, say on college or off college. Good designs, good patterns and durable stuff. Every collection is different and new. And yes because it is about college, it totally falls in the pockets of college students. I have loved it during college and I still have some from it’s recent collection.



Bags, shoes and tees, this is what they are best known for and this what college student love them for. Nike is a little above the range for everyone and so who can’t make it to the Nike store get happy with these. The standard designs are good for these stores and so are the new collections.  The prices are competitive and easy to go.




My all-time favourite; Lifestyle. I call Lifestyle a one stop shop. You get everything there and in the best way. What’s better than, entering one shop and getting everything you need from there itself. It has almost all brands there. And best they offer timely and awesome discounts. Also what is great about lifestyle is their in-house brands, Ginger, Fame forever and the others. Ginger is according to me a not to be missed one. It has awesome collection every season. New, fresh, affordable, very chic and up in trend. It is a must visit.

Shoppers Stop


It is a like to Lifestyle in each and every way. Many brands, one roof, amazing discounts, big place. Shopperstop is also a must visit for all college students, girls, guys and everyone actually, though I really don’t like their in-house brands for western apparels. I think those are boring and do not have a great quality. What I like there apart from the normal brands are their Kurtis, footwear and men’s shirts.

Street markets/Fleas


Say Janpath and Sarojini here or Fashion Street or Colaba Causeway in Mumbai, undeniably are a mass fav. College students, fashion enthusiasts or anyone for that matter who know how to take their pick can be seen here. Great price, awesome/latest designs is what it is known for. Things here might not be used for a year but they pay the price according to that. Some accessories that we can have from here are not easily available everywhere. Drop in for sure because you name it and you get it there.




I love them for their denims. Awesome is a small word for their quality, though a little expensive but they are an investment for sure. I don’t like other pieces of their clothing for girls that much buy the guy’s tees are good enough and nicely priced. Well affordable for college.


For the girls who like to wear Indian, these stores can be great for them. There are countless stores in every city and they have their collections in plenty. With sale or without, these are affordable every time and the discount times are obviously great. Nice patterns, girly, and definitely not boring. I though like W more.



Converse has everything from tees to shorts to lowers and bags but what I have mentioned it here for and what the students love are their canvas shoes.  The Converse Canvas shoes actually define a college goer, guy/girl both. They are colourful, unique, cute and affordable and they are everywhere.

These are just a few standard stores that I think are a must visit for college students. The list is bigger for sure but I just made it 10. Let me know what you think about it or where can college students shop from. I would love to hear from you.

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  1. B.

    November 24, 2011 at 5:54 am

    Very informative post..Will have to check out these places when I visit India!!

  2. The Dolls Factory

    December 3, 2011 at 6:02 am

    what about H&M and zara … In Italy these shops top the list from college students
    have a nice and stylish weekend darling
    come and say hi
    The Dolls Factory

  3. pri

    January 1, 2012 at 10:48 am

    cool post i shop usually from lifestyle shoppers pantaloons and street shopping undoubtedly 😉

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